EQs with "more than one band" listed.

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EQs with "more than one band" listed.

Post by elam » Sun Dec 05, 2010 9:07 pm

Out of the sound itself I love Nebula for Giancarlo and team philosophy and business model.Being not about only taking but giving too,here's my 1st little contribution to the community.It's for when you don't wanna use your lin.phase or plugin EQ and go "all nebula" or "all flavored" and you're a little "short" resources-wise.I made this list from the commercial library and the free 3rd party one only (available at nebula-programs.com).Feel free to complete it. It might exist elsewhere but still, it can be useful for somebody as it is for me sometimes.

BAE1073 Combo 1I
BAE1073 Combo 3I

Fate EQ and II

Mammoth XP Enh1
Mammoth Filters

058-B Time

Big Mac Eq

Boing 747

Fruitjoy eQ I and II
Fruitjoy lin I and II and S

Green Devil Eq II

KGB 625 EQ
KGB 625 EQ S
KGB Press filter

MAC vlz eQ

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