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Gain Staging...

Post by Ronnieg » Mon Feb 27, 2012 6:36 pm

OK So I understand to keep the meters about -18.
However I'm using the redbox Skin and there are no numbers going up the meters so :?: am i to look in the display and look at the "Input L" box and read that?

:?: Also, I put it on RMS at first and once I'm almost there with the track i turn it to Peak to see if I'm spiking nearer -6 etc > Is this correct?

:?: Also, I take it, If I'm chaining them on one channel in a number of inserts I use either the Output L on the 1st unit or the Input L on the 2nd unit to again balance at -18.
Have i got this right? :?:

Without seeming stupid I'm not understanding 0db . 0DBv +4Db stuff. And although i should I can't be bothered to get right into it. I am happy just to ensure the meters ride -18. Yes?
I'm a songwriter trying to record great demos....... Not so much the engineer.

Hope anyone can put me right if I'm way off here.

Many Thanks.

Ronnie :o

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