Please stop creating threads for ser and key files

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Please stop creating threads for ser and key files

Post by giancarlo » Mon Feb 27, 2012 12:21 pm

1. you should send your ser file to [email protected]
This is the correct procedure. During weekends graziano is slower so be patient

2. alternatively you could upload your ser on the website

3. please check your antispam folder, and/or provide alternative email addresses when you send your ser file to graziano

4. please avoid to send a lot of keys inside the same email, otherwise you will not understand which key is for which computer!

5. stop sending requests of keys to giancarlo directly. The whole process will be way slower

6. if something goes wrong please use the panic thread, attaching keys there. Please don't open a new topic each time you didn't receive a key, otherwise the forum will be spammed

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