Hello, new users, i'm one of you and i have questions too

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Hello, new users, i'm one of you and i have questions too

Post by alicankaralar » Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:53 am

Hello everyone, i just bought nebula i am totally new /about 1 month/

i have too many questions and i looked around everwhere(and keep looking) to find useful information, but its really hard to understand most, as most of you guys know new users face hard days about to find out every single step of using this program. ''The installation procedure is kind of weird, registration is weird, tweaking is weird, usage is weird. But the results make everything worth it.'' as stated in this site : http://blog.subvertallmedia.com/2011/04 ... basic-use/

before i start i guess have to give a brief information about myself and my setup.
im a bedroom producer, i try to produce jungle/drum&bass(any genre tho i don't rly care about what the style is - electronic music mainly.), and i have the server edition of this plug-in, which runs on osx 10.7 with macbook pro 17'' 2.8 ghz intel core2duo with 4gb 1066mhz ddr3 ram, 512 gb nvidia 9600m gt gfx card and audio8dj. i use logic pro 9.x.x i also own a slate vcc but this ain't the subject.

now as u can see i don't really own a BEAST. so i need to do my best to get the best out of nebula3 without losing the priority of sound quality.

now i found about most stuff but i couldn't find more about

editing the programs (yet- what control does what i really didn't get it)

tweaking nebula3 for better performance and sound quality (controls at mast page n others what do they do? and what should i do?)

working with c.u.d.a.(how can i set it up, and the working process- couldn't find related subject-the faqs didn't help but now i downloaded cuda toolkits n installed em gonna give it a try now- where do i download cuda bridge? - does it have to be 2.3 or newer versions are ok?)
-- http://www.acustica-audio.com/forum/ind ... opic#p3831 use this one.
cuda bridge - http://www.acustica-audio.com/phpBB3/vi ... 44&start=0

how do i run nebula3 x64 inside a x86 daw (im using logic in x86) that was said on upgrade page

how many licences do i own with the server edition.

how is the server process (localserver etc)

for newbies---

what i found out yet is (believe me when i started first with the free edition it took my days to figure out how to load a program-besides sometimes nebula3free wouldn't load correctly)

authorization/licencing takes a little while- be patient (1-2 days)
''Once we have authorized your license, it will appear in the box on the right, titled 'My Licenses'.''
that session in the site doesn't work, do not worry.

you can know your version of nebula3 when you click the mast page
there it goes VERSION
CoreI -> nebula3
CoreII -> nebula3 pro
Core3 -> nebula server

you have to use first and second sliders for navigating between menus

for mac - the application folder is

also check this site too, it has valuable information for newbies.

http://blog.subvertallmedia.com/2011/04 ... basic-use/
i know there is useless information for most of u here but i believe some people will find it useful.

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