How Do i Update Nebula 4

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How Do i Update Nebula 4

Post by sfabs » Sat Mar 16, 2019 7:08 pm

Ok, I give up... I'm posting for help, I'm pretty sure I have probably messed things up so before I make it worse I will ask...

How do I update Nebula 4?

When in the N4 plugin I click about-Nebula 4 - i see I am on version 1.0

I downloaded the Legacy installer - ran it - chose update... let it complete, checked version... 1.0

Installed Aquarius... Told me Nebula 4 required manual update only (please re-install)

So I clicked purchased and installed N4...

Checked my version in my DAW, still 1.0

Back into Aquarius... shows I now have Feb19 version of N4 installed on my C drive (DOH!) whilst MY INSTALL is still on my G: drive and says (manual updates only, please reinstall)

So what do I do now??? I dont want the version on my C:... do I unistall using Aquarius?
How do I get my version on the G: drive updated???

would appreciate a bit of advice guys


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Re: How Do i Update Nebula 4

Post by himhui » Mon Mar 18, 2019 2:49 pm

Set your N4 installation path from the setting tab of Aquarius.
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