N4; Acqua plugins, Official 3rd Party Libraries, Setups Confusion

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N4; Acqua plugins, Official 3rd Party Libraries, Setups Confusion

Post by javahut » Thu May 17, 2018 12:29 am

Getting a little out of hand and hard to manage the multiple types of libraries and installations.

1) There are the 3rd party libraries that are created, originally for Nebula 3 and now N4. These were/are easy to keep up with, especially now that N4 Setups is working. Easily keep libraries sorted as individual plugins. Easy to find. Easy to see in DAW projects since they're individual plugins with names you create.

2) 3rd party libraries that are now being distributed with multiple skins for different parts of the library. The developer is setting up the multiple skins with xml files place in the Properties folder. They look nice, since they have individual skins. But there's not an easy way to use Setups to create individual plugins without manually moving the files around and creating your own xml files. So the only way to use these are via the N4 plugin, and browsing thru the cryptic menus. Then you have plugins all listed as "N4" in your DAW, and no way to know what they are unless you open them.

3) Official 3rd party libraries distributed via Acustica and Aquarius (e.g., Mantis). Also with multiple skins, and now authorization files in the N4tempRepository. Also now no way to use setups to create individual plugins. Have to use N4's cryptic menu to find them, jumbled together with all the other N4 libraries. Again, can't use Setups with them, so can't see what the individual plugins are without opening the N4 GUI for the instance.

4) Now 3rd party Acqua plugins (e.g. Tokyo Tube EQ), that are installed by Aquarius in the Acquaplugins folder. Again, apparently can't be used with Setups as individual plugins. And they're not created as individual DLL plugins like Setups. Only way to find them is in the cryptic N4 libraries menu, along with all other N4 libraries, with no way to easily manage and see them. I think they also show up as just an instance of N4 in the DAW.

5) Official Acustica Acqua plugins installed via Aquarius, installed and listed by plugin name in the DAW. Much easier to find, use, and manage than 2,3, or 4, above.

Personally, out of all of these, the easiest to use (other than Acustica Acqua plugins) are the old standard libraries without custom skins. These seem to be the only 3rd party libraries that are easy to use with Setups to create individually labeled DLL plugins. They're easier to manage than 2, 3, or 4 above.

I love Acustica and N4. But I'm beginning to strongly dislike having to keep up with the multiple different ways the libraries are being distributed and setup. It seems to be getting more than a little clumsy to manage all these different methods of creating, distributing, and finding the libraries and files.

Am I missing something that would make all the different forms of libraries easily manageable? Does anyone have any tips you use to help with managing these different kinds of libraries? I pesonally would prefer to be able to use Setups with everything other than Acustica Acqua plugins, but there doesn't seem to be a way to do this with the multiple ways libraries are being created to function and files are distributed in and from N4. There's gotta be a better way to manage this. As it is, there's starting to be too many differring ways of creating and installing these so that there's no one way to easily manage and keep track of the multiple different methods of library installations and setup.
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