Building a new computer next weekend...

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Building a new computer next weekend...

Post by botus99 » Sat May 28, 2016 6:09 pm

The time has come! I'm finally about to ditch my mid-range computer that I built back in 2008... that's right, I've been running Nebula almost exclusively for years with the less-than-modest setup in my signature.

Now, I'm about to build an i7 6700k - Nvidia 960 computer. I HAVE A FEW QUESTIONS :D

- About how many instances of Pink/Amethyst/Purple can I expect to run in a tracking scenario (using 64 buffer, ZL Acquas, Insane mode... any info would be highly appreciated!)
- CUDA: can it be used with a 960? How is the performance? Can it run live? I mean, can I use CUDA to track live with Nebula reverbs or should I forget about that idea and only use it for mixing?
- I'm coming from an AMD/Radeon setup. I've NEVER had a Intel processor in anything I've owned. I'm just wondering what to expect here. Anyone want to put in a quick thought on my setup regarding performance, tips/tricks, etc?

Thanks in advance for any replies. You know, YOU GUYS PUSHED ME TO THIS!!! Please help :lol: Ultimately, I've always been dreaming of using Nebula/Acqua live in a tracking scenario. It seems that my dream is about to become a reality, I just want to make sure my expectations are where they should be.
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