Nebula and Agent feedback

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Nebula and Agent feedback

Post by Will The Weirdo » Sat May 28, 2016 6:53 am

Ok folks, Jfjer and I need some input.

We are working together to make custom Agent presets that will be able to load with any Nebula and Agent user. Thus making an Acqua like plugin within Agent possible with just a preset. This would give us Nebula sound quality with an Acqua type workflow, and everyone would be compatible with each other. So my Alex B PoolTeQ and your Alex B PoolTeQ would be the same, using one preset.

It is a 2 step process to make this work. We've had success in testing so it should work 100%.
Step one is a custom Nebula Setup with skin.
Step two is a custom Agent preset and skin.
Will be around 20MB in size.

We are looking for feedback about the Nebula setups part, but open to any thoughts in general.

Should we use the default OVERWRITEME.N2S skin for every setup, making it easily compatible with every user? Or should we assign a different skin with every Setup, helping to make a standard where anybody who uses them would get the Agent preset but also compatibility with other Nebula users studio's using the setups we are making..... thus providing true session compatibility between any studio's using our Nebula Setups a reality.

It will be a simple, place the right files in the right folders, and you load up the Alex B PoolTeQ, or Blue 1102, or MFQ.... as long as you own the libraries, Nebula and Agent. We're pretty far along in our testing and we've got it working, we just want your feedback.

Any thoughts?

If you are not sure of what we are talking about with Agent, look here.
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Re: Nebula and Agent feedback

Post by Dimzo » Sat May 28, 2016 7:45 am

Hi Will,

if your end goal is an Agent Skin then i 'd go with the default Nebula skin.
You won't be controlling the whole thing through the single Nebula instances so only the Agent skin will matter in the end.

you can skip the custom Nebula skin completely imho.
just load Nebula into Agent and in Agent open the Nebula instance and load the program you want then save it and repeat until the strip is complete.

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