Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

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Re: Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

Post by jfjer379 » Thu May 19, 2016 2:02 pm

im still looking forward to the Ivory comp as an 3 band acqua in core8 would be very useful even on some single tracks even its meant for master

ha HW sounding 3 band comp with the behavior to follow will be a very useful tool

but while i wait im pretty happy with the G comp

i also like amethyst2 comp and pink comp on buses

pink comp can also be good on master IMO

i haven't actually tried Amethyst2 comp om master, i think i should, i might be surprised hehe
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Re: Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

Post by ceemusic » Thu May 19, 2016 3:32 pm

I never hear anyone mention or comment on CDSM's
Warm Tube Buss Compressor-
http://cdsoundmaster.com/site/cds-softw ... /WTBC.html

or Vintage Tube Mastering Comp- VTMC-M2.
http://cdsoundmaster.com/site/cds-softw ... MC-M2.html

They've been around for a while, I wonder if there are any plans to update & keep them current.

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Re: Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

Post by bictor » Thu Jul 14, 2016 1:21 am

I also tried Titanium on the main bus mix, but have the same feelings as you. Ive been using Murano since the first day in my main of the mix and also in the Mastering chain.

Ive been testing the Caribou comp, 3 days left of trial... and I think that im going to have a problem when trial expires.

Ive been using Caribou in the main bus of the mix and it just sound fantastic on my music. Fat pre and also the limiter gives a very very big sound. PERFECT! This is what i was looking for so im happy :)

The bad thing is that is not very estable with the Harmonics knob when you push it,, "the auto imput leveler" works with delay.. so i have to be careful if i twist this knob.

Is not a Core8 plug AFAIK but i hope they will upgrade it because this comp really deserves it :D
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Re: Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

Post by markgalup » Thu Jul 14, 2016 8:59 pm

Very interesting about Caribou - I'll have to look into that eventually.

Since starting this thread, I settled into using AlexB's 4K comp and liked it. But now I am completely sold on Pink 2412 as the most amazing busscomp I could ask for. The tone and harmonics plus flexibility make it the comp of my dreams currently. Just one man's opinion!

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Re: Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

Post by drezz » Thu Jul 14, 2016 9:45 pm

Loving Pink 2412, it's a powerhouse for sure, but still use FENIX on some mixbus duties as i love the tone and just have it very mild at -1 or 2 dbs..........

Special mention must also go to the Cal DL1656 Limiter v2 by Tim Petherick which is a robust and solid limiter and so fast, and seems to suit the mix buss perfectly. A very underrated limiter in my honest opinion.
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Re: Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

Post by Thierr7 » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:37 pm

I love "Amethyst2" on my Master bus , not only the comp but the whole thing rocks imo ... "Fenix" too .

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Re: Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

Post by ryancost » Thu Jul 14, 2016 10:43 pm

Great suggestions all - so far I've really been liking Blue Mu and Fenix

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Re: Favorite Mixbuss Compressor

Post by jfjer379 » Fri Jul 15, 2016 1:48 am

i really love the Alex G comp on master with fast release and slow attack
it really add some nice glue and punch using only 1-2 db compression

i have been using algo G comps for years and always used slow attack for master with them
and the Glue turned out to be the best one, its kind of funny because the Glue is the only one who dont try to model the HW sound, only the behaviour
and its the best algo G comp i tried hehe
but Alex B replaced all the algos G comps i have been using easy with his G comp for me on the mixbus

i cant make it to really smack for parallel drum compression though but i have other tools for that :)

im gonna try the new pink comp single band and see how that goes for smacking some drums in parallel it sure is crazy good on drums and guitars

im also gonna try the pink 3 band tomorrow on master i think tomorrow is the day for the 3 band full version release

i have read so much great about the Fenix Red now that i have to buy it very soon hehe
if it don't fit for rock no problem, i do acoustic music too where i personally like flucti and C660 in combo over the G comp

i tend to grab the Alex G comp for rock and country rock
i have yet to be disappointed for that kind of music style with this comp

i have actually not tried the sum 100a on master yet
because it was really to heavy for my CPU on my mac mini
and im been very busy making many many nebula setups lately
one instance of sum 100a took 33% of my CPU lol so i always had to freeze it when i used it on tracks,
and i have to use consoles too so even after all the freezing there was no room for the Sum 100a on mixbus, had to have some nebula reverbs in there too of course hehe
i couldnt freeze it on the mixbuss thats just wrong lol, but now with the 5820k its gonna be a different story :)

any good folks in here who really like the sum 100a on the Mixbuss ? and what music style do you like to use it with on mixbus ?

we are so lucky AA exist with Acquas and nebula, what a wonderful tech they invented and it just keeps getting better :mrgreen:

and the 3rd party devs really makes crazy good sounding tools for nebula

i really cant live without Nebula but i absolutely cant live without the Acquas either
my wallet is doomed haha

but these tools dont become useless like many algos in the past where the new thing always replaced the last eq or comp you bought

every Acqua or nebula lib i have bought is an investment for life the way i see it

well talk about rambling on , sorry, im just so happy about these tools i couldn't help my self

Have a nice day :D
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