Nebula Explained Udemy Course 50% Discount April 2016!

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Nebula Explained Udemy Course 50% Discount April 2016!

Post by david1103 » Mon Apr 04, 2016 10:32 pm

I am happy to announce an immediate massive discount on my Nebula Explained Professional and Starter courses starting April 2016!

A huge 50% discount has been made on both courses:

Starter OLD price $39 > NEW price $18
Professional OLD price $95 > NEW price $45

They were already selling well at the old price, so from now on Nebula users are going to get an amazing deal!

Udemy changed their pricing system, I thought about moving the courses to another site to keep my original pricing, but Udemy have provided such an excellent service I don’t want to leave them. They are constantly improving their site, and their customer support has been outstanding.

The extra 10% discount from the new list price is only available if you buy directly from the course home page. Just enter your email and a voucher is sent to you:

There you can also see free preview videos and read all about the courses in detail.

Even though both courses have been out a while, Nebula 3 has not changed a bit for the user. They are as relevant now as the day they were released.

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