Im am in utter amazement!

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Im am in utter amazement!

Post by THAPRODUCERZ » Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:11 am

Took the time tonight to get just a little acquainted with how I would use nebula. Created some tracks and used a few algorithmic plug-ins namely UAD. Added the 4KC to about 4 tracks kick drum, snare, synth lead, and an ethereal pad.

Rendered them down to each track, reloaded them then added tape, s*nymax, Alexb compressor demo, 4KC on the Master and what it did to the sound is beyond comprehension in the world of plugins!

Then adding various presets to the individual channels, I can't put it in words how long I have desired to get my sound to feel like this.

Now comes a need to invest in more libraries, as many as I can get and find a consistent workflow for this.

Just a grateful customer showing appreciation.
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Re: Im am in utter amazement!

Post by namooz » Wed Dec 23, 2015 4:21 am

I, too, am very happy with the results the T-tape plugin offers. Years ago when I owned an AG440b 8 track, I kept it in optimal condition with a little over biasing (test tape re-lapped heads etc). It's been years, but I remember it was most obvious in the lower frequencies. This behavior was captured very convincingly here. I have a request, and it is my request that somehow a less cpu demanding variation of this would be very welcome? It is a very natural byproduct of multiple track machines-in this former case, a 1" 8 track perfectly aligned always.
As far as the sound and feel, the T-tape with a little print through is exactly familiar, and it may just be that extra little touch of realism that has me in awe. However, with that said, it is a wonderful tool with the no print version that can bring girth and open up the sound in a very musical way. I compared two 16 track identical songs, 1st ver. using T-tape and SAT on 2nd using identical gain structure all the way through and both were an obvious improvement. The fine tune ips Input adjustment is incredible, a brillant addition. I was able to open up the tracks like never before with this in T-tape (not available with the SAT which I'm guessing is an addition to be used with t-tape if desired (But i don't have the CPU resources).

Thanks Tim for your truly wonderful creations.

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