I need help with Chaining some Stuff

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I need help with Chaining some Stuff

Post by basaristudios » Thu Dec 10, 2015 7:16 am

Ok, i understand the Chaining and thing on a real console, have
worked on few but when it comes to Nebula i get confused only on
certain things. I have few questions if someone can help me,
users or developers:

1: The PAN Presets that usually come with AlexB's Libraries,
where exactly do they go for Authenticity, as the first or the
last in the chain and when using Nebula Pan presets, what do we
do with the DAW PanLaw, at 0 or Equal or whatever?
2: The FX SEND Presets, same question as the above, i know they
go on the Send FX channel but where.
3: Same thing with the BUSS Presets, not the Master, i have
heard people say they go last and some say they go first.
4: Then the Master Buss, i usually put it First in the Chain and
then the Tape as the Last on the Chain.
5: Now some of the Preamp Presets and other things such as
those...everyone does it different i think...i usually put
Preamps PRE Tape because that's how it usually works in the
real world unless you go to console and then back out to Tape
and then back in to Conasoe...(yea i know, i am actually
diagnosed with OCD).

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Re: I need help with Chaining some Stuff

Post by jfjer379 » Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:09 pm

the pan presets i really have no clue, would be nice if someone could explain this :)

The FX SEND Presets i set up on a bus(i call it fx group bus) where i send all my reverbs to,
if it's the correct way to do i don't know but i like it very much when i do it this way

put the drum preset on your drum bus, create a bus where you send all acoustic instruments to(acoustic bus) and put the acoustic preset on, put the GTR preset on your electric guitar bus
and so on, the mix starts to get much clearer really fast doing it this way for me, and that is even before i have started the mixing, it works so good it feels like cheating to me hehe :)

many say that the consoles are very subtle , they are not subtle in my ears, they make a huge wonderful impakt to the sound to me especially when you use the right presets on the rights places :D

i believe the tape should be the last in the chain except if you use a loudness plugin, that one must be the absolute last if you are using such a tool

yep i think on a channel preamps should be the first to put in like in the real world

the real world approach make sense to me with nebula

but the The PAN Preset i really haven't a clue to do with hehe
haven't given it much thought really, but it's time to find out :)
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Re: I need help with Chaining some Stuff

Post by RJHollins » Thu Dec 10, 2015 8:46 pm

AlexB provides signal flow and OP level info in his manual.
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