Nebula = past!?! Future = Aqua?

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Re: Nebula = past!?! Future = Aqua?

Post by giancarlo » Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:05 pm

we are planning 2015 and also features/policies available to 3rd party developers for nebula4. The future is bright!
we'll keep you updated.

There are several points which are fixed ones.
- nebula4 will run acqua plugins
- nebula4 will run existing nebula3 libraries
- nebula4 will run skinned nebula3 acustica commercial library


- nebula4 will run skinned 3rd party developer libraries, but details are under internal planning. How much they will be skinnable and featuring all actual multi-instance functionalities is to be defined. In the long run I would say "everything", in the short run I would say "something" for sure.

about acqua plugins, we'll keep you updated. At the moment acqua plugins are a way for producing highest quality libraries/products and for sustain developement costs for acustica, this is their main purpose.

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Re: Nebula = past!?! Future = Aqua?

Post by SWAN » Thu Jan 08, 2015 7:43 pm

cool. For sure I look fwd to Nebula 4 because I would love to create my own multi band EQ using my favorite different programs...or perhaps a tasty dual compressor using 2 Tim P comps in series etc...
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