help re: alternative data path(librarys)

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help re: alternative data path(librarys)

Post by Scottf » Tue Oct 28, 2014 4:24 pm

I want to be able to categorise & organise my 3rd party and included nebula librarys.

support directed me to:
The Nebula tip of the month (#3 - October 2010) ... f=11&t=567

I like making music but Im clueless to anything technical(beyond pressing some synth keys!)

straight off, this I dont understand->
"you can move your emulation presets to a bigger or faster HDD/SDD in order to free up your OS partition."

..Im on a mid2007 Imac, snow leopard 4GB ram
On my mac Ive about 100gb(out of 350gb) free space remaining..

in the tip:"you can move your emulation presets to a bigger or faster HDD/SDD "

as in a seperate external harddrive???
usb type?
what does exactly HHD/SDD stand for?
ARe these seperate perhiperal harware components??

"n order to free up your OS partition"..........
I dont know what partitions are, Ive never seen only inrelation to my back up hard drive(external) I didnt do this with that so Ive no experience............
would it be my total 350gb on my mac is "os partition"??
can this be explained further to me, as using ticket system I only received the url of two tips of the month which I dont understand, theres seems to be a lack of detail anytime I use support ticketing for less technical people like me!

"IMPORTANT: In the alternative folder, partition or HDD/SSD "
-> whats a partition, what are benefits how do you create?

"Edit the .XML file(d). You can use a text or XML editor."

I have a text editor....

"<DATAPATH> Mac HD/Library/Audio/Presets/AcusticaAudio/Nebula3/ </DATAPATH>

----> what if I dont have "HD2"
I simply want to categorise my librarys by developer etc possibly by function -eq/compresser etc

( I was also directed to using NAT....)
I havnt explored editing the xml(AS I dont know what Im doing)
do you type in the "HD2" part????? if its external and connected & called HD2

if my current HD on desktop is called "machintosh HD" and I dont have a "secondery HDD" should I type:"machintosh HD" where in above quote example is HD2?????

How can I get nat/where is it/will it run on mac and how??

more consise info to above trick(for someone who does not understand) would be helpful..

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Re: help re: alternative data path(librarys)

Post by Andro » Thu Nov 26, 2015 8:10 pm

Please! Someone on MAC! Help!
Show us your paths as an example please!

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