Nebula Server download page clarity

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Nebula Server download page clarity

Post by Giggy » Wed Aug 20, 2014 10:53 am

Back on board from 2011! One question, I might be the only that’s arrived at the Nebula Server download page and faced no fewer than 4 download files/options with ZERO information with what means what or which to download and been well…confused.

I would offer that at the stage you’re about to download…right THERE….you add a blip about what means what.

I couldn’t find it anywhere, not on the forum, there’s no link, and besides it should be there, no one should have to dig around.

Not everyone is a computer whiz, I don’t know what all that stuff means. I’m used to 1 single installer that says what it’s for.

Now the new email with clear instructions on how to replace N2P, N2V files and where they live is fantastic. The way the Dashboard automatically accepts the .SER files and generates the .AUT files is awesome!

I’ve sent in a support ticket and suggested this but also wanted to know if anyone had a similar experience or anything to add.


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Re: Nebula Server download page clarity

Post by dagovitsj » Wed Aug 20, 2014 9:01 pm

I think you're abolutely right about this request, and as a matter of fact, I think there was a little text file in the old download solution explaining it?

Don't know if it's redundant to mention, but perhaps some newbies appreciate it:

Note: I'm on windows, so I don't know how it is for Mac. Anyways:

I have Nebula3 Pro:
1) Important difference: Upgrade or Setup.
If you have installed Nebula from before, you choose the Upgrade.exe, BUT and this is important: You also have to choose the correct file whether you have Windows 7-32 bit or Windows 7-64 bit. x64 in the filename, means that this is for Win7-64 bit.

Example 1: I have Windows 64 bit, and installed a version of Nebula from before, then I choose the newest version:
Upgrade Nebula3 Pro x64 1.3.770.exe

Example 2: If I have Windows 32 bit, and had installed a version of Nebula from before, I would have to choose:
Upgrade Nebula3 Pro 1.3.770.exe

2) If you haven't installed Nebula from before, or want a new installation, you choose from the files named 'Setup'.
Example 3: If I have Win 7-64 bit, I choose:
Setup Nebula3 Pro x64 1.3.770.exe

3) If you want NAT, you had to install the 32-bit version of Nebula. I'm not sure if this still is the case. But that's also a common question from newbies - and a question I also asked!

If you look at the numbers after '' you will find the newest version, i.e. the highest number is the newest! And it's also a date signifying the newest version.

OK, perhaps too pedagogic for some, but hopefully useful for others :D

PS: Just for the record: I think the ticket system and the whole team of Nebula have improved significantly the last few months compared to how it was some years ago. And there is also a very good vibe and attitude here and always people who want to help!
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