Running Nebulas in DDMF Metaplugin / Plogue Bidule?

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Re: Running Nebulas in DDMF Metaplugin / Plogue Bidule?

Post by RJHollins » Tue Jul 29, 2014 3:48 am

I didn't really checkout the over-sampling option in Metaplugin myself ... especially regards to Nebula.

I understand the concept used on a per plugin option [for those that offer] ... but not so clear about Nebula in that mode ... project at 44.1 would run @ 88.2 in Meta .... yet many libraries are 96k ... those at 44.1 would still load at 44.1 ... I just couldn't understand what benefit could result. Or if Nebula would even run in that mode :o

My bottom line has been to work in the native rate of the release. I do own some 'excellent' SR converting programs ... I can hear the conversion, but I have the original as reference, therefore the bias. The client has the choice and decision.
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Re: Running Nebulas in DDMF Metaplugin / Plogue Bidule?

Post by jus11 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:26 am

Yes I think my option 6 was a misthought from rhe start. So let's forget it... But the other uses seem possible. So far I have not stumbled into any problems what Mathias mentioned there has previously been. Though as said, I just discovered this.

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