Pro Tools 10.3, RTAS, NI Kore, multiple mapped Nebula AU

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Pro Tools 10.3, RTAS, NI Kore, multiple mapped Nebula AU

Post by teetoleevio » Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:44 am

Hello everybody.

Hope to make somebody happy, sharing my use of Nebula in Pro Tools Native, 9 and 10, in last couple of years.

Some recent problems in Mountain Lion upgrade, due to read/write permissions in new OSs, now solved.

1) Normal usage. VST. Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion.
Wrapped in Pro Tools 10.3 through FxPansion Vst2Rtas.

It works good, quite stable, but with some things to underline, in my experience:

* Version 1.3.492 IMHO better than newer versions, successfully tested 1.3.505 and 1.3.606.

* If upgrading to Mountain Lion or better, you have to put all HD/Library/Audio/Plugins and /Presets to read/write for all users. Cmd+I on specified folder, unlock with your user name, apply. :geek:

* You have to temporarily displace previously installed libraries, if you do own many, before installing Nebula authorized version. Move all Programs and Vectors content in a different directory than Presets. Ready to be moved back into original place after Nebula authorization.

* You have to authorize Nebula Pro with INIT.n2p and INIT.n2v authorized files on your personal system, put them in HD/Library/Presets/Acustica.

* In MAST section, within Nebula, in Guru mode, please do set: RATE CNV at 3000 minimum; DSPBUFFER at 2048 assuming you're working at 44.1Khz and a buffer of 1024 samples in mixing. Save this settings inside Nebula. This is my best and stable setting on three different Macs. Do it for each regular and Reverb Nebula version.

* Once saved the parameters in MAST section you can gradually move again all libraries into Programs and Vectors ...not all at once, but gradually.

2) Advanced usage. AU Component wrapped in PT thru Native Instrument KORE. Many instances together in a single plugin, full parameters control of all instances together by i.e. Nocturn. Snow Leopard or Mountain Lion.

Wrapped in Pro Tools 10.3 through Native Instrument KORE.

It works well, really stable, AWESOME, IMHO a rock against VST version but:

- I do recommend 1.3.492 because CPU usage is IMHO lower than newer versions. Anyway tested OK with 1,3.505 and 1.3.606.

To give you an idea, AITB three band EQ, three stereo Nebula instances inside two KORE instances, total 6 stereo Nebula EQ bands = 3% consumption with Macbook Pro i7, RAM 8GB...

- Displace all installed libraries from original Presets directory, as said above.

- Make all MAST suggested settings inside Nebula as said above, before replacing all libraries.

- Gradually move back all libraries into original locations as said above.

- Install NI Kore, RTAS, it works even without NI hardware controller

- Update the plugin list in Kore

Do build a Kore performance choosing more than one Nebula AU instance (regular or Nebula Reverb, Reverb version suggested)

- Match input and output level inside Kore in the plugin chain and save the performance.

- If you want, MAP every Nebula instance parameters in Kore inside Novation Nocturn. 80 Euros for a new Nocturn give you i.e. a 4 band S*L 4000 Brown EQ fully mapped and level matched, hardware controlled.

Now you can mix with your ears and full EQs ! Try that with a 4 band N**e 1081 ! Please do save patches in KORE (performance) AND Nocturn presets. You can even bypass a band with a click inside Kore performance !

DISCLAIMER: NI Kore reports to ProTools just one fixed latency value, ignoring the actual number of Nebula instances / bands within the Performance created preset patch.
To avoid differences in timing within ProTools I suggest to create a series of Kore presets with THE SAME INSTANCES NUMBER, i.e. a 4 band stereo EQ for all KORE performances, to put on every stereo subgroup, to have all same latency. - OR USE TIME ADJUSTER -
In this way you have the same latency on every group and it's possible, with a good computer, to have i.e. a 3 band stereo EQ on 8 subgroups. Multiple mono in ProTools... 16 mono 1073s? Fully controlled in mixing? It's a dream !

That's all, folks, hope it can help somebody.

Maybe a little hassle, but trust me, a full N**e EQ, mapped and controlled thru a real potentiometer... it's cool !

Sorry if some passages have been documented before, but thought it was better to put all together.

Thanks to all 3rd party developers to provide us such great sounds!

Hi Michael Angel.

Hello Alex, my friend.
Honoured to beta test your awesome libraries.


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