howto 'reset to factory default', and recommend settings

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howto 'reset to factory default', and recommend settings

Post by jorismak » Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:21 pm

Hi there,

got two questions:

1) Is there a proper way to reset settings of a library to default? If I've been messing with it by changing stuff to peak mode and back, is there a way to restore it to what the library-developer supplied? Just copy the n2p/n2v files over it again?

The R2R TapeBooster programs for example seem to have the DRIVE (not the GDRIVE) set to +9db , and now I don't know if I put it there or the developer put it there. So I want to reset it :).

2) What are these days the recommended settings for (heavy) compressors? Is there a way to get for example AlexB's 1176 or 4K compressor to more heavy 'squash', or is there really nothing to get it closer due to the nebula engine? Now I'm mostly sticking to plugin-compressors but I wonder how the nebula stuff is these days for heavy drum compression. Now I've mostly been using HO's 1176 mojo programs followed by T-Racks 76 plugin

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Re: howto 'reset to factory default', and recommend settings

Post by enriquesilveti » Sun Dec 15, 2013 1:53 pm

1. Check that you don't have two nebulatemprepository folders.
2. Move all your N2P/V files to a backup folder, less INIT files.
3. Go NebulaTempRepository\Temp folder and delete all .XML files that are inside
4. Go NebulaTempRepository\Setups and delete ~scanboot.xml file
5. Run again Nebula. Nebula browser will rebuild temp and scanboot files. You MUST have setting Nebula > MAST > SCAN BOOT in 1, that means YES.
6. Move back all your N2P/V files, less INIT files plus reinstall N2P files from libraries.
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