Help With Nebula Server. Some Questions without Answers

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Help With Nebula Server. Some Questions without Answers

Post by rolodrake » Sun Nov 03, 2013 7:34 pm

Hi !!.

Well, finally i trying mix with nebula in the latest single of my band. Amazing sound, a lot of questions, but finally i decide integrate a second PC for run nebula, because every time when i put a reverb on voices bus for example, i have the classic problem that everyone have when use that fx. ( audio engine stop)

I work on logic, imac I3 with 12 G. of ram, and my questions begin here...

1- In the second machine (in my case the PC), i need run logic there?. Or its not necessary run in the second machine the same daw of the first machine (MAC).

2- In the case if i only need run server program on the second machine (PC), works only installed Nebula Pro Server?. Its not necessary instal a daw and run Nebula?.

3- Works Nebula Server in Windows XP, or only in the latest versions of windows (7 or 8)?

I have a lot of question about nebula server, can i find some guide for follow a correct way to install on my studio?. I cant find information or manual.

Thanks a lot, for the patience and the time.

See you

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Re: Help With Nebula Server. Some Questions without Answers

Post by giancarlo » Mon Nov 04, 2013 12:48 am

we don't support officially lan setup.
Server version is meant to be used in local server mode or without the server component at all (nebula starts a server component by itself).

Anyway enrique silveti posted a couple of tips regarding lan setup, which is pretty easy to configure (just an ip address and a port, using a script editor on nebula.xml files). Lan is a common lan, so it works even from pc to mac osx and viceversa. Apart that the procedure is not officially supported by us, so you should rely on nebula community - or to be clear - on other users who achieved a similar setup.

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Re: Help With Nebula Server. Some Questions without Answers

Post by enriquesilveti » Tue Nov 05, 2013 9:39 pm

Nebula Server setup PC/MAC

1. Use fixed IP is better less broadcasting LAN issues.
2. Use good quality Intel NICs.
3. Use good quality CAT6/7 cables.
4. Avoid to much networking hardware, best situation should be a cross-cable from server to client.
5. Use good quality switches if you must need it.
6. Use only GigaLAN hardware and cables.

1. Install Nebula Server in "remote" server computer. (Nebula3 Pro Server package)
2. Install emulation preset in the remote server computer, server is not compatible with alternativedatapath.
3. Install Nebula3 Pro Server package in "client" local computer.
4. Setup client "local" computer MAST page and add PORT and IP address. IP address should be the correct one from the "remote" server computer, use PING to check it, avoid firewalls.
5. Run Nebula Server in "remote" server computer.
6. Run Nebula3 Pro Server in "client" local computer in your sequencer. If Nebula Server is found your Nebula3 Pro Server instance will call Nebula Client and will request Nebula Server to load emulation preset in "remote" server computer instead of load locally.

In Nebula > DISK > Server you can see if Nebula Client can see a Nebula Server. N/A means NO Nebula Server.
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