Nebula suddenly loading slowly

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Re: Nebula suddenly loading slowly

Post by enriquesilveti » Tue Oct 29, 2013 12:47 pm

garyk_123 wrote:My particular problem is now solved. I needed to do an uninstall and full reinstall of win 64 .601 but perhaps more crucially I gutted my programs folder. I had over 6400 progs in there!

It was actually cathartic as I had to make some hard choices. I know that you can split Neb programs into more manageable chunks (haven't figured it out yet properly) but I'm actually thinking not to do so. I keep imagining guys back in the 60s and 70s working with what they had, focusing on the music and getting the best out of it. To me that is part of the magic of analogue. Nebula is wonderful but for being digital it can still suffer from too many choices. Just my opinion, not looking to detract from the best sounding audio plug around.
Change GURU setting in MAST page to SIMPLE and be happy.
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Re: Nebula suddenly loading slowly

Post by richie43 » Tue Oct 29, 2013 7:34 pm

enriquesilveti wrote:Change GURU setting in MAST page to SIMPLE and be happy.
That's funny Enrique! But I think that the OP is actually talking about simplifying choices of presets by removing many of them. It is SO easy to fall in love with every new library, especially when they are SO GREAT like they are. But then a user has a zillion EQ's, 2 zillion preamps, etc. Having choices is awesome, but I totally understand what the OP is saying. I have recently removed quite a few, and now have a reasonable "studio full of high-end hardware" that I know very well. I will swap some out at times, but I am having better productivity if I limit my choices a little.
But to the OP: Instead of actually removing presets, I suggest getting the very cool app "Nebula Setups" by Zabukowski and just make specified instances to use. Then you can simply not include the presets that you are "removing" without actually removing any. I removed presets because I hit the threshold of how many Nebula is able to see, that's an entirely different issue (and you are not there yet, so you could leave them all installed and access them whenever you are ready for a change.
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