Nebula is becoming more a bullshit than a real studio tool

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Re: Nebula is becoming more a bullshit than a real studio to

Post by richie43 » Tue Oct 22, 2013 3:28 am

Hey bamboo123- look up and get the app "Nebula Setups". It allows you to create individual dll's that scan for as few or as many Nebula libraries that you want, making for VERY fast loading. I have over 50 now, very specialized- like all preamps, tapes, eq's, etc.
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Re: Nebula is becoming more a bullshit than a real studio to

Post by teknik » Tue Oct 22, 2013 9:15 am

I may be in the minority but I understand the OP's frustration .. I've given up on Nebula in the meantime until we have a proper 64-bit AU without any clunky workarounds.

At the same time, Giancarlo and the Acustica team should take heart from the fact that the only reason people get frustrated and take it out on this board is that they LOVE Nebula and want to be able to use it properly .. nobody would post their frustrations here if they didn't care about it at all!

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Re: Nebula is becoming more a bullshit than a real studio to

Post by botus99 » Tue Oct 22, 2013 4:46 pm

dagovitsj wrote:@ botus99: please rant further!
I would, but... ... 11&t=24658 know ;)
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Re: Nebula is becoming more a bullshit than a real studio to

Post by dagovitsj » Tue Oct 22, 2013 8:00 pm

Thanks, botus99, I'll check it out.
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Re: Nebula is becoming more a bullshit than a real studio to

Post by giancarlo » Tue Oct 22, 2013 11:44 pm

bamboo123 wrote:hi all!
i had to change my computer,pass from logic mac to pc to be able to have nebula 64 bits,now i am on studio one,there some crash,cpu spike,i lost like 6 months to make all this,passing from mac to pc etc,
but my productions now sounds year ahead from what is was before nebula,sometimes its a nightmare,but i am so grateful that this company exist,when i hear my tracks now,i fell like i have a two millions dollars studio,i got 90% of all the banks,i spend money but now i leave in a audio paradise!!!!
and if some people with a bad acoustic,bad speakers,or bad ears,say that nebula become bullshit,then may be they miss some talent
thanx acustica!!!!
ps:will be nice for the people who got a lot of banks when we load the plugin nebula don't check anymore all the banks,just the presets used
giancarlo,do you think its possible for the future cauz when i open a project its around 10mn to load

there is a magic word in 1.3.602 for skipping rescanning each time, but it was not disclosed cause it could lead to new issues (ie it does not scan libraries again when you buy new libraries). It pretty halves loading time. Send an email

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Re: Nebula is becoming more a bullshit than a real studio to

Post by Lonnie » Wed Oct 23, 2013 3:35 am

madigwann wrote:There is no improvement, there are more problems than good things. Is it due to piracy ? I don't think so. What I saw was a bunch of so called developpers who were hiding behind the great amount of difficulty and the so big work they had put in releasing their Library :roll: , although everything was done to prevent users to manage to sample their hardware correctly. I'm glad piracy put an end in that endless money collecting, whereas users were always stuck in improper use of the Tools.
That's pretty harsh. I've been through 6 computers since the early days of Nebula, put in at least 1000 hours testing, trying to find the breaking point of said computers.

So you're glad there's a crippled version of Nebula pirated madigwann? Instead of giving you a piece of my mind, I'd rather ask Admins to move this post to the garbage can.

Madigwann just wants that headline because, having the best emulations on earth of expensive studio gear isn't the most important thing to this troll.
Criticism? Great, be specific.
Glad that little developers got hurt? You're a troll. Bye.

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Re: Nebula is becoming more a bullshit than a real studio to

Post by harmonik » Thu Oct 24, 2013 8:50 pm

I have Nebula 3 Pro and the Kemper. Both are about capturing pro gear and provide the "95% there" result. Tradeoffs abound. Nebula is not intuitive, support is confusing, NAT is obscured, can be high latency, 3rd party libraries are well done and inexpensive, Nebula 3 Pro SW price is excellent. Kemper is easy to use, support is very active, profiling your own is very easy, low latency, 3rd party profiles are well done, Kemper profiler HW is an order of magnitude more expensive than Nebula 3 Pro.

Edit: of course Kemper is guitar oriented, which makes the price differential even more significant, but the applications are expanding too as people experiment profiling other stuff like preamps.

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