Problems using logic 8 freeze function and nebula compresser

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Problems using logic 8 freeze function and nebula compresser

Post by Scottf » Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:17 am

my current track has a track count of 14 thereabouts
About ten instrument channels in logic
With ultrabeat on each, for every percussion,
I have always done this.

Rest is audio tracks for recorded synth parts.
In this project I decided to entirely use nebula
One each trach for my compresser, using only
On each, compresser program "Boeing 747"

I'm using nebula pro server.
.. Each compresser is followed with an eq
By other developers .... That's it.

now with my track count- on my machine
I need to use logics freeze function

any track soloed or just alongside side one
Or two without freeze after compression eq
Is flawless, however when I use freeze,
Each track starts to have problems,
wherever a midi region begins, there's
An emphasis, higher level, snapper sound
To either the first midi note of a drum sound
Or in the case of my mono synth bass, first note
My three other synth parts which have slow attack
As are pads seem fine using freeze.

I thought it might be my compresser settings
But as I said when not using freeze every track plays
Smoothly and flawlessly

using freeze brings about this problem
At the begin point of either audio regions
It midi regions, just at their start and will fix
Itself as they play through only to re happen
At a channels next midi region further on in my tune.

It certainly is to do with nebula as when I bypassed
Any instance of the nebula compresser, and still
Left my other fxs on, by any other developer
I could freeze unfreeze and everything was fine

Also, this issue happens after unfreeze just
The once each time unfreezing and the playing
Back until u have another replay back and it's then
Again like it should be

I am certain it's not my comp settings,
Without freeze perfect

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