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Re: ATTN all Library Developers - Have a Tech Question

Post by RJHollins » Tue Feb 12, 2013 11:40 pm

Excellent Enrique.

Particularly this:
enriquesilveti wrote: If you have only one amplifier for those 2,3 or 4 EQ section you can use one 3K/5K/7K Nebula instance plus 2,3 or 4 of clean 1K instances. The 3K/5K/7K Nebula instance will emulate the EQ/phase curve plus non lineal distortion from the active section, the 2,3 or 4 of clean 1K Nebula instances will emulate the EQ/phase curve.
This correlates very well with the 'working theory' I've been studying and hearing. 8-)

Putting this to actual use, I've been assembling several VST interfaces to use as 'virtual controllers' within a combination FXChain [Reaper].

The first 2 VST controllers are designed for the CDS 'GeQ', and the AlexB MWeq [and associated flavors]. Through Reaper's 'Parameter Modulation' [thanks to one of our Nebulites], the ability to use a single interface controlling a list of Nebula Presets is just too overwhelmingly useful, that I have to do this :twisted: I have a link request posted for any Nebula MIDI implementation data, as I would like to see if things like 'Program/Patch' changes are possible. There is an issue of matching values on both displays, but I'm very new to things like SM, KnobMan. Still much to learn ... but we do have working models. This ties in very directly to the reasons for starting this thread.

... more to come :)
thx again.
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