Do u guys find working with nebula effects mastering?

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Re: Do u guys find working with nebula effects mastering?

Post by hollo321 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 3:43 pm

thnks so much for the listens and feedback :) And glad for reaffirmation that wasnt loosing my mind over nothing hehe. Its odd i always thought music had to be mastered. Never heard of finished music without the mastering, and thought mastering always improves the music if the engineer is good. Seems not always the case and guess somethings better left alone, dont try to fix whats not broken? I know nothing about mastering but guess in many cases just like in mixing, in mastering less can be more but seems lots of mastering guys just make things in way thats become standard to them, example where notions like dynamics not too popular in mainstream music.. yes i agree much better to cross-check as you say between engineers to check , gonna start doing this more often and try to get as good as i can rather than rely on mastering houses. thnks so much everyone

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Re: Do u guys find working with nebula effects mastering?

Post by Mplay » Wed Feb 06, 2013 4:55 pm

The DSM (proaudiodsp) has a very transparent limiter and the compression can sound very natural as well.
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Re: Do u guys find working with nebula effects mastering?

Post by david1103 » Wed Feb 06, 2013 5:36 pm

I think you need to find a mastering engineer you really trust and shares the same taste as you.

Also, sometimes its worth paying a mastering engineer to do nothing, just to say it's fine! Better a 2nd set of trusted ears to give you the green light than release something with a major mistake that will haunt you.

At the risk of beating a dead horse, I have to say * MASTERING FOR LOUDNESS!!! Arrgghhhh. It just makes me want to throw up!!!

Are you familiar with the DR level meter?


Best (Latest) Free Version Of Meter (For Foobar2000)

I have been comparing the amazing Alec R. Costandinos Romeo And Juliet album. I have a DR15 (full dynamics) CD version of the album and it sounds INCREDIBLE! It is so punchy and clear, you can hear every instrument in its own space, best production ever. T*****t studios 1978.

I have a DR10 crushed version of the The Hunchback of Notre-Dame album, same studio, same production. It sounds destroyed. Flat, sterile. You can even hear digital distortion, the waveforms for the kicks are actually clipped!

I sourced a vinyl rip of the same Hunchback of Notre-Dame album (DR16), OMG. Welcome back to proper punch and dimension. Shame is suffers from all the background vinyl noise and consumer grade ADC that plague these 'rips'.

The 'mastering' attack on the works of the mighty Alec R. Costandinos was the act of an ignorant stone deaf baboon. I wish I could get my hands on who did this!

Anyway, mastering can destroy as well as enhance music, you just need a good engineer who is working with you with a shared goal.

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