Implementing the HO 'AIR' [Klaritizer] library

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Re: Implementing the HO 'AIR' [Klaritizer] library

Post by mightymosaic » Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:19 pm

Oh ive had that for over a year now, I wouldnt be able to work without it. its key for proper nebula work flow!

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Re: Implementing the HO 'AIR' [Klaritizer] library

Post by glaca » Wed Jan 11, 2017 1:23 am

delchambre wrote:So, here is the result of the following test : ... la_vs_DSP/

A : Plug-in+Mojo
B : Plug-in
C : Nebula

I didn't like the mojo on the plug-in but in the other test below, it's another story, I don't regret the few euros spent in ...

I made a last test before Clariphonic DSP trial expires : kush audio plug-in VS Bidule (Plogue) including 3 instances of Nebula 3 (AIR Focus / AIR Clarity / Mojo for dry), the idea was to be able to insert the "Nebula AIR" easily as the original vst.

I never used the hardware version but I prefer the Bidule+Nebula version(thank's Henry for the nice job).
It was a real surprise to me when I saw that Bidule+3 nebula took less cpu then the original vst, perhaps due to the jbridge on this dsp ? (I run Presonus Studio One x64 under Windows 7 x64 i5 2550K + 16gb + ssd).

You can hear the difference here : ... bidule-dsp

Bidule screenshot configuration with BlueCatAudio Frequency Analyst of the configuration (max peak mode) : ... bidule.jpg

DSP screenshot : ... phonic.jpg

So my personnal conclusion is :
- Nebula "AIR" sounds better (probably less differences in real life, because you don't have to turn the knobs so far)
- Nebula "AIR" takes less cpu (waiting for x64 release of Clariphonic DSP)
- Nebula "AIR" doesn't need an iLok2
- Nebula "AIR" is a lot off cheaper (if you already have bidule and nebula!)
BUT is not so easy to use as the original VST

except that when you use often you know what settings you have to load in Nebula ;)

Nebula rules, Nebula learn you to work with a clean attitude, thank's to all developpers.

I want to reproduce Clariphonic based on HO's AIR. Was inspired by your Bidule instance. I think I can recreate this in Metaplugin.
I want to ask about you mixer settings. It's not the value of Focus and Clarity programs on the pic but the level off modules going to the mixer is that correct?
Is the Mojo simulating/acting as Dry signal input ?
I believe you still have to load different values of Focus, Clarity programs. Is this correct ?

Edit - Can't find mixer for's limited in this area. So I'm thinking Bidule...but it would be for this Library.

Also can't find a flat Mojo setting in programs I downloaded from Henry :)
Each is coloured. Mid, Max ,Min ...and there is another one...I can't see a flat Mojo. Am I missing it ?

best vibes


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