i5 / i7 Performance? What's your experience?

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i5 / i7 Performance? What's your experience?

Post by Owen » Sat Jan 12, 2013 9:58 am

Hi guys,

I've been thinking about upgrading to a more powerful system, as the Core2 Duo I am currently using is getting on a bit.

Normally, for what I do, I can get away with using about 8-10 tracks to achieve most of what I want to do, I tend to be able to keep my track count well below 32.

I'm pondering if I were to buy a Z77 Gigabyte motherboard, an i7 e.g. the 3770K Ivy bridge, with ~16gb of ram how much mileage that'd cover me in terms of:

Running things like a real console i.e. a console preset on each of my tracks and on the masterbus, and potentially a different reverb on each of the 8 tracks I might want to run @96khz if possible? I'm happy to run at large buffers >2048 to achieve this goal, as I'm not looking to track or play live with my mixes.

Owen ;)

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Re: i5 / i7 Performance? What's your experience?

Post by bamboo123Closed » Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:02 am

got around the same
I7 3770k ga z77 ds3h,16 go ram g 250 cuda card
sur mac nebula 32 bits VNXT plate 5 seconde kill my cpu
now i am on windows 64 bits,reaper 64 bits,nebula 64 bits
with cuda support and the same revern give me 0.3% or cpu
yes you read right hehehe...

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