Timed Reverb

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Timed Reverb

Post by vicnestE » Sat Nov 17, 2012 4:30 am

Anybody try this??

Under classic mode, short reverb about 500~1000ms as timed kernel length.

Can't playback in realtime, takes forever to render.
(render speed from X0.2 to X0.1 since the project already had everything under timed mode except reverbs in 8 cores i7 2600)
But the result seems better than freqed reverb.
I use the AITB Phonocamptica reverb.

Also using EVF17 for reverb seems have less difussion if you want "defined" reverb.

Program rate 200ms also makes the reverb a bit more solid if you want to hide the reverb sound.

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Re: Timed Reverb

Post by Cupwise » Sat Nov 17, 2012 12:42 pm

i think you could edit the xml to allow timed lengths beyond 1000ms. i've never used timed with reverb myself.

the other tweaks you mentioned are interesting and it makes sense that those things would have some effect. one other thing you might like to try, is going to the 'evf' page (in edit), then setting max release for evf1 to whatever the largest length can be. then if you go to prms page, and click 'edit' for the release parameter, you can type in that value (the value you set release max to in evf page) for both release max entries. this part just makes it so that the readout will show you what you actually have release set to when you turn the knob/slider.

then you could try setting the release time to match the h1 kern length (check kern page). i discussed my reasons for thinking this type of setup makes more sense for reverbs, somewhere in henry's bricasti reverb thread (too late at night for me to link to it ;) ). i think my logic makes sense, and it's even testable, but my solution still isn't 'perfect'. i think it's an improvement though, as far as realism is concerned.

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