Metaplug - make nebula multiband and split m/s for $15 ?

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Re: Metaplug - make nebula multiband and split m/s for $15 ?

Post by Barendse » Thu May 06, 2010 8:33 am

RJHollins wrote:
Barendse wrote:I mean the samplerate converting issue. When you install the old version (april 2009) the issue is gone. At least this works for sure for Nebula2.

hmm ... not sure how 'similar' Neb2 is to 3 ... I wonder if giancarlo is following this thread perchance.

More testing this afternoon ... I loaded Metaplugin into another VST plug called 'Chainer' by Xlutop. It seems that the SR stayed at the session rate [44.1], and I was able to place about 6 instances of NEB into Metaplug, and they seem to be correct.
However ... saving this off as a preset ... when I loaded back in, all NEBs reverted to 16k. I have to relay this new piece of info over to Christian.

It would be sooooooo nice if we could make up a stereo processing matrix [with independent access to L/R channels] utilizing the various console modules, and tape machines ... all in a pre-set. Right now I do this with ~10 NEBs ... but I have to set this up each time for every project, as using WaveLABs 'virtual stereo' track [Montage] cannot be undone, nor can a new audio track be placed into it :roll:

I wonder what AlexB uses ... :idea:

anyway ... the search for solution continues.

I've already contacted DDMF about this issue, DDMF did also sent a copy of Metaplug to Giancarlo. Latest thing I've heard that he couldn't reproduce the issue. It was working correctly in Reaper.

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Re: Metaplug - make nebula multiband and split m/s for $15 ?

Post by futur2 » Thu May 06, 2010 2:35 pm

Barendse wrote:I also have the sample rate issue. In Cubase and Reaper.

I understand from Giancarlo and Cristian (DDMF) that it is a little mystery....hope they find a solution one day.

same here in cubase. :( i hope this gets fixed soon!

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