Nebula Crash Protools 9.0.5 and OSX Lion

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Re: Nebula Crash Protools 9.0.5 and OSX Lion

Post by giancarlo » Thu Sep 29, 2011 10:23 pm

my 2 cents
First you should test the vst plug in reaper. In my experience, if the plug work there it's ok
Second you should verify the wrapper.
We are trying to move to vst4, so a lot of compositing and non compositing garbage should be fixed there.
Than pt... lower latency in nebula before loading. As you can see if nebula doesn't work it could be something different. Also if everything else does.
We don't support lion.

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Re: Nebula Crash Protools 9.0.5 and OSX Lion

Post by wakevortex » Fri Sep 30, 2011 8:19 am

Thanks Giancarlo..

As already mentioned I also use Ableton Live, the vst Nebula DOES work in Lion- no problem .

But I use PT to mix , so normally use nebula there using the Fxpansion VSt/Rtas wrapper . So clearly something is going wrong with the wrapping of it to RTAS..
I TOTALLY understand this is not your problem to solve ..I just wanted to see if there was any workaround possible rather than NOt being able to use it in my mixing DAW.....


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