"Authorisation Missing" - Nebula stopped working suddenly!

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Re: "Authorisation Missing" - Nebula stopped working suddenly!

Post by edbilleaud » Fri Aug 17, 2012 1:25 am

richie43 wrote:I wasn't trying to criticize you, so if you felt belittled or criticized, I apologize. I responded that way only because it sounded like you were going to get worked up and start a big flame war with Acustica, and I was trying to diffuse that and remind you that while it DOES indeed suck, sh&t happens and Acustica always works towards resolving these things. If I had a car time out on me, I would absolutely be upset. But I would look to fix the problem and know that it is a flaw (not in the design), but I also wouldn't "blame" the manufacturer as if they did this to be malicious or careless. I agree that you have a right to be upset, and everyone needs to vent. So again, I apologize for maybe not being more careful in how i phrased myself. Are we good now? :mrgreen:
Thank you very much for the explanation richie, no need to apologize. It actually wasn't me, I was initially stunned when Nebula de-authorized itself, but not angry, and in fact grateful to Acustica for sorting it out so quickly. I was defending a previous poster, who as you correctly stated, had a right to "vent" a bit. Agreed, we don't need a flame war, Nebula is still far and away the best value in computer audio, IMHO, and is a part of my day to day workflow. That's exactly why it was frightening to lose it!

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Re: "Authorisation Missing" - Nebula stopped working suddenly!

Post by richie43 » Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:50 am

edbilleaud wrote: That's exactly why it was frightening to lose it!
I totally sympathize with that. I recently did some audio work as a free-lancer on someone else's system.... a NON-NEBULIZED system!! It had been almost 2 years since I had done any audio work without my own tool-set, and I won't even begin to elaborate how weird (and limiting) it was. Ok, I will a little: It sucked.
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Re: "Authorisation Missing" - Nebula stopped working suddenly!

Post by giancarlo » Fri Aug 17, 2012 2:55 am

young.baws wrote:The same thing just happened 2 me.

It was just supposed to be a NICE day, working on a album 2day. But no. No MIX...very embarrassing in front of my clients :!:

Too bad. Really? To me it does not even make sense that u buy a software, you receive a full license to use your soft.. and then u end up having a limited time working on your full license..
starting from version 1.3.505 it should not happen any more

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