Nebula Marketing Hype - especially eq's and compressors

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Re: Nebula Marketing Hype - especially eq's and compressors

Post by richie43 » Wed Jul 27, 2011 4:33 pm

dpclarkson wrote:Funny that those with experience with
hardware to a certain extent are typically
the most silent. Not that it's 100% true,
but it's usually the case.
A friend of mine is an excellent bassplayer,
he owns a '64 Precision and a '68 Jazz.
How come that this guy never gets in the debate
with other bassplayers about which is the 'best?'
Also, this comes with a little maturity, in my opinion. There rarely is a "best" instrument, console, eq, song, harmony.... There is something for everyone and for every situation.
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Re: Nebula Marketing Hype - especially eq's and compressors

Post by dpclarkson » Wed Jul 27, 2011 5:13 pm

And with maturity, the fine art of knowing
when to shut up comes along, LOL!
Only 1 thing I'd like to add:
10 years ago, I spent hundreds of dollars
on gear from pro-audio rentals for recording
new projects. Sometimes it paid off, sometimes it
You can't rent a 1081 with a deposit
for 20 bucks.
Everything has to be 'free' and 'now', nowadays.

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Re: Nebula Marketing Hype - especially eq's and compressors

Post by gLOW_x » Fri Sep 02, 2011 12:33 am

I think the first problem was trying to buy the full version, whereas it is clearly stated that you need to try the demo first.

All the rest is pure forum reading, but bad threads.
If you go to gearslutz (with seasoned engineers), you will find longtime passionates giving some hints about nebula.

If you go on KVR (not specialized in mixing for sure), you will find a lot of ppl witch don't know how an hardware console sound and will never hear the difference between a raw mix and a full nebulized one.
I hear a BIG difference in space, dynamic gluing, frequency balance...but big to my ears ;)

Since i tested it, i'm more and more hooked.
offline chain, EQ, comp, reverb, exciters...all.

Even if a snappy comp doesn't exist now, if tape is more coloring than is a beautiful creation.

Reverbs ? all mechanical reverbs/echo are killers.
A convolution plug being non dynamic, it create "FLAT" reverbs (like convolution guitar cabs)

For acoustic hall, problem.
There is no dynamic involved, the walls will not move with the loudness ;)

But with mechanical devices (plate, spring, tape echo...), the level is very important.
And even with dynamic algos like L*****n, convolution doesn't work (that why more and more ppl sell their Altiverb to buy L*****n natives ;) ).

Nebula got a lot more better plates/springs than any other plug.

The funniest part being that Nebula launched the last virtual console and tape war, without even wanting to :D

Because some concurrents realized it was a killer in this domain.

So Nebula is not a perfect tool, but i love it.

PS : i love FerricTDS too.Combine it with Nebula and get the ultimate tape compression and color/saturation/stereo image :D

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Re: Nebula Marketing Hype - especially eq's and compressors

Post by greekpeet » Fri Sep 02, 2011 7:30 pm

I know where the OP is coming from, and had the same mentality many years ago about certain musical tools and instruments. I was always looking for that 'magic bullet' when in essence there was not one to be found. Even when I tried to disprove a very useful tool, application, or instrument because it didn't give me that end all be all result I myself engaged in an attitude similar to the person creating the original post.

This was even scoffing at people that had FAR greater knowledge and wisdom, with their parallel philosophy its not the tools its how and why you use something. I mean come on, I didn't take the advice of a very very smart guy that had worked with everyone from the Chemical Brothers to Johnny Cash, to mixing 5.1 stuff for Dolly Parton (quite a broad individual musically speaking). Oh yea, he was also very good friends with Michael Gerzon who helped create some of Wave's first plugins, and was a pioneer in the development of Ambisonics with him over in the UK decades ago.

Even with this man stating 'there is no magic bullet' in my blind youthful arrogance I didn't openly scoff at him, but inwardly removed the idea and kept searching in vain.

So to the original poster, my friend, this is a beautiful platform that will take several hundred if not a thousand hours and much time, testing, and experimentation to really 'get'.

That can be said with anything...

There is a saying that it takes 10,000 hours to fully 'master' something, be it art, science or both. It is not really until then that you even BEGIN to start your journey.

So take it from me, exercise a big more humility and you'll gain much more wisdom and knowledge than exercising this type of attitude toward others who are all here to help you get what you expected. Yes, it will take some time and effort on your part too, nothing is given. People want a 'quick fix' without wanting to put in the efforts of developing the deep roots of wisdom.

Maybe start over, say 'guys I got into this Nebula platform, and I'm super frustrated, I'm not getting what I expected. What am I doing wrong? I want to quit, and give up!" I can not tell you how many times I have wanted to quit and give up, and everyone great and small had that same attitude at one point in their life too. Mozart was not the 'genius' history portrays him, he wrote and practiced so much his hands would cramp in agonizing pain. Beethoven went deaf, he WENT FREAKING DEAF, and STILL pursued on. In the case of the apostles of Christ, the kept pursuing even at the risk of death, and immense suffering. These are people that have impacted humanity and history in so many ways. So why the lofty philosophy? Music and philosophy can not be separated unless you want to treat it like a hobby like some woodworker making bird houses. Thats fine too, but if you have the passion and desire to do something great than yourself you must take all of this into account, and into a greater understanding of what you have access too. All the developers have given us a fantastic gift for such a small price to pay (outside of the time required). Do not take it for granted!

The biggest difference from someone spectacular or great, to someone that is like anyone else... Most average people give up and only go for 'just good enough to survive and get by' in life. To me, that is something so sad to see people that have so much potential to simply give up out of sheer laziness.

The fact you came on here with the amount of energy, and directness is merely a call for some help.

Its all good, we love you brother, welcome to the Nebula community.
Regardless thanks for supporting it by buying the program, time to get to work. I'm sure a lot of us are more than willing to turn this thing around and maybe try and help in the best way we can, be it sometimes we are all busy folks, and a majority of the learning you might have to do on your own.

I'm sure still, we'll be happy to help you get the results your wanting, but you'll have to be patient. I only starting getting the results from this platform after working with it for over almost two years now. Safe to say that even if I did have all of the hardware that was Nebulaized I still would understand its not a 'magic bullet' and takes hours upon hours to learn.

Take care.

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Re: Nebula Marketing Hype - especially eq's and compressors

Post by surbitone » Mon Sep 05, 2011 10:21 pm

Please don't turn this into Gearslutz, because that would be proper sh*t.

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