Problem with Nebula Plugins

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Problem with Nebula Plugins

Post by darko » Tue Jul 12, 2011 2:47 pm


whenever I try to load more than 3/4 nebula plugins, I get an overload message on Logic Pro 9, just like I've run out of processing power.

I have a quad core intel cpu with 4 gb DD3 3 ram, my tipical song has about 20 tracks with 2 to 5 plugin in each. I have 2 UAD Dsp card as well. I have no problem at all with other VSTs, just with Nebula.

I tried using Nebula Reverb and setting a buffer of 512 in its mast section, but I get a huge lag of 1/16 beat. Any other suggestion how to fix this problem? I'd like to able to use at least 10 nebula plugins in my tracks. Do I need to buy more RAM?



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Re: Problem with Nebula Plugins

Post by richie43 » Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:29 pm

In my opinion, the problem is not Nebula but instead how you are trying to use it. Nebula is not ideal for real-time use or tracking. It's prowess is in the audio processing in the mix-down. I have a similar set-up to yours and I have my DSPBUFFER at 2048 or 4096, huge latency. But latency is not an issue at the mix-down phase. I bump up my asio buffer to at least 1024 in my DAW as well. And with the smaller kernel libraries, such as eq's, I can load a huge amount of instances. I save the the console buss inserts, which are large kernel libraries, for the final stage of mix-down. Using Nebula often requires a major shift your in work-flow habits. I need to render (bounce or freeze, depending upon what your DAW calls it. I use Reaper) tracks to free up CPU. I would never pull out Nebula if a client is present, nor would I charge by the actual hour if I choose to use it for one. But if you are primarily ITB, there is no better method, even if it is slow, to give your digital audio that living mojo quality that Nebula has.
You could possibly use more RAM, it never hurts. But even with 15-20 Nebula instances (I use the local server version, and the newest experimental one too-huge improvements in resource use, by the way), I never use more than 1GB or so of RAM, just huge CPU load.
Good luck and really re-think your work-flow. That was a big obstacle for me. But once I got the concept, I have been making some awesome tones in my music with Nebula technology. Cheers!
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