Is it better to cut with Nebula EQ as well as boost?

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Re: Is it better to cut with Nebula EQ as well as boost?

Post by Cupwise » Sat Jul 21, 2012 11:18 pm

well, i think most devs release a 'bypass' preset with the eq in flat positions, sampled like a 'preamp' program (so it has dynamics). that could be combined with the actual eq programs to give you some of the dynamic quality of the eq unit. it wouldn't be quite as perfect as if you had a fully dynamic recreation of the eq for every position of it's settings, but that's pretty impractical. henry's titan does this for it's fixed presets.

my math is definitely correct. you multiply the number of positions for each control being sampled by each other, then that by # of kernels, then finally by dynamic steps. even with small numbers you quickly get huge results, so a dynamic eq program would have to have at least a few thousand samples. thats with LOW numbers used for each of those things.
i mean, 5X5X5X5X5 is already 3125 samples. that would only give you 5k, 5 dynamic steps, 5 filter positions, width settings, and gain steps on the eq control. a 10k program would double that up to 6250 samples. a more ideal amount of dynamic steps at 10 (which is still 20 less than a typical preamp program has), would double that again to 12,500. no nebula program goes that high.

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Re: Is it better to cut with Nebula EQ as well as boost?

Post by enriquesilveti » Sun Jul 22, 2012 11:10 am

That correct but some 3 band EQ has only one amplifier, the amplifier create the non lineal distortion, so to recreate the full EQ you should use 1, 10 kernel instance plus 2, 1 kernel instances.
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