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Local Server

Post by richie43 » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:16 pm

I apologize in advance if the answers to my questions are buried in other posts; I have scoured the forum and while I have found related answers, I still am unclear.
I am currently using Nebula 3 Pro and want to upgrade to the Server version. I only have 1 computer and don't plan on expanding anytime soon, so are there any benefits using the local server version as opposed to the Pro Bundle? Another question; Do I need to uninstall my 32 and 64bit Nebula 3 Pro's before installing the Server? And do I need to reauthorize or is my old authorization valid for the upgrade? I am hoping that there is no down time, but am willing to wait. I absolutely love the Nebula system and have no problem spending more money on the server and am happy to give my money to Acustica! I would just like to understand what I'm getting into before I take the plunge again. Maybe what I need is a short tutorial of sorts on how to do the upgrade. Thanks to anyone that can help. And specifically to Giancarlo; Nebula is truly revolutionizing digital audio!!
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Re: Local Server

Post by nino » Fri Jul 01, 2011 9:30 pm

I upgraded from Nebula Pro to Nebula Server, did not have to reauthorize just installed it over Nebula Pro.

I'm using one computer 32bit (for now) and I can use Nebula
as I always did.
If you want to use it as Server, just start Nebula Server program prior starting you DAW host.Benefits in 32bit system
are that Nebula uses it own process so it does not use your
host memory. Therefore like using Jbridge it bypasses 32bit
system memory limitation. Plus if you use several same programs you save memory even more.

If you dont start Nebula Server, Nebula Server works as Nebula Pro.

P.S. If you use it without Server then it uses settings from your vst folder (like Pro version).
If you use it with Server it uses settings from you nebulatemp... server folder, so if you have modified settings(like adding additional library paths), you just need to do it again with server option.
I'm just not sure is this remark valid for last server version.

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