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Server Test Discovery

Post by musicgreator » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:49 pm

This ist for Mac users. I did this in logic 9.

1. I tested how many instances i can load in different ways. Then wrapped the newest Nebula Mac VST with the FXPansion VST AU Wrapper. And suddenly the server connections worked. Before i could load only one server client connected over lan with heavy dropouts. Now it seems to work perfekt as long as the server computer has enough cpu room. The audio Monitor in Logic is at about 25% at 5 Cores (i got 8 cores). But stays there when i load additional lokal instances. Pretty cool!

2. With the wrapped vst i can suddenly load 25 Alexb Classic Logic Console Inputs instead of 10! with the native AU Version!

3. With the lokal server i can load only 21 Alexb Classic Logic Console Inputs before the system gets too unstable. But the Memory feature is cool.

The VST didn't work better but the wrapped one does!

I use a dspbuffer of 8192 in all cases. It's Version 1.3.492

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Re: Server Test Discovery

Post by giancarlo » Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:29 pm

I'll try to add the "save memory" feature also in classic nebula, in order to help you logic audio users. Obviously you can't run a x64 nebula in your snow leopard, but it could be a good workaround now. I'm working on that.

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