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Re: New Nebula - Rate?

Post by yewtreemagic » Thu Jun 09, 2011 2:40 pm

giancarlo wrote:new "setup" installers are based on 4.5 seconds, which is a pretty big amount (almost all reverbs will be converted).
Good new default - I haven't found any program in my collection that exceeds that, but I do agree with ngarjuna and enrique that a more obvious flashing indicator for a failed conversion is also important.
@martin: during conversion nebula displays a sort of progress bar (expressed in percents).
We could increase again that value...
The current progress bar (Executing H1: 0-100% followed by Executing H2: 0-100% etc.) makes perfect sense once you're a regular user of Nebula, because you understand about the differing numbers of kernels offered by each program.

However, I think it's confusing for the beginner - when you start loading a new program why not simply have a readout of both vectors and kernels (it looks more impressive and explains more ;)):

Loading: 747 vectors

Loading: 6 kernel layers

Progress: XX% (0-100 for the entire program load - a bar readout would be even better 8-))

Martin Walker

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