Has compression just got better???

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Re: Has compression just got better???

Post by enriquesilveti » Sat Jun 11, 2011 2:42 pm

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Re: Has compression just got better???

Post by yr » Sat Jun 11, 2011 6:59 pm

timp wrote:I tried the evf 17 on old libarys seems to work nice . But don't know if its closer.It sounds tighter, more attack.But the prog rate needs to be changed to capture the fast attacks. I've been told not to change xml because of aliasing . but I allways have a copy of a xml set to 250 on prog rate if i need it.

Looking foward to cld that will be tuned to evf 17.

I tried it out with the DME 1968 STD/250 rate and the shortest attack I get is about 20ms. It does sound better then I remember and seems to give much more consistent compression.

EDIT: I repeated the test with the side-chain version of the same preset, and now I'm getting much faster minimal attack times- 4ms. I wonder what is the reason for the difference...
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