OSX-Ableton 8.4b1 64bit & Nebula OS X 32bit

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OSX-Ableton 8.4b1 64bit & Nebula OS X 32bit

Post by greekpeet » Sun Jul 08, 2012 8:22 pm

Finally after living in crash city I can confirm using the OS X version of Nebula with Ableton's newest 64bit incantation works fairly solid using Jbridge for Mac.

Ironically enough the beta stuff is running 1000x more solid than the last release. Nice not getting a crash at hitting the 3gb wall, then waiting 5 minutes to reload the program and project each time (talk about HOURS wasted).

So far so good, but what would be ultimate would be the 64bit version VST for Mac.

Any word on 64bit Mac versions, beta or otherwise?

Stilled wanted to issue a positive report to fellow Mac users with Ableton.


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Re: OSX-Ableton 8.4b1 64bit & Nebula OS X 32bit

Post by dpclarkson » Wed Jul 11, 2012 8:11 am

I've tried jbridge with Nebula server vst (32bit) on OSX, but it
doesn't bridge the plugin at all.
Greekpeet, what version did you use?
I want to be able to use a 64 bit Nebula server within Reaper64.
Giancarlo, when will the 64 bit OSX version be ready?? :cry:

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