Nebula Server & installer.xml configuration

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Nebula Server & installer.xml configuration

Post by Vernon » Tue May 10, 2011 10:56 am

Hi everybody,

first of all I'd like to congratulate Acustica-Audio for the excellent job on the Nebula Server product. For me, this update is a must.
This post is just to share my experience on setting up the configuration with 2 pc and Nebula Server (in TCP mode).
OS's: Windows 7 64 bit
Sequencer: Reaper 64 bit

1) I installed Nebula3Server v. 1.3.486 on both pc's
2) SERVER PC: I changed the Nebula3Server.xml file setting <SERVERADDRESS> </SERVERADDRESS>
3) CLIENT PC: I changed the Nebula3CoreII64 Reverb.xml setting <SERVERADDRESS> </SERVERADDRESS>
4) I started NebulaServer.exe on SERVER PC

After starting Reaper, inserting a void track and loading a Nebula Reverb fx on it, Nebula did not connect to the server...
Re-opening the Nebula3CoreII64 Reverb.xml, I noticed that the SERVERADDRESS value come back to ".", i.e. the initial value. It seems that on loading, the Nebula fx resets the server tcp address to the original value...
After that, I looked at the Nebula3CoreII64 ReverbInstaller.xml file and I noticed that this file too contains the SERVERADDRESS tag.
I changed in this file the SERVERADDRESS value to et...voilà, all things works perfectly.

Is this behaviour normal?


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