Your offline renderer processing chain ?

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Your offline renderer processing chain ?

Post by gLOW_x » Mon Apr 04, 2011 1:35 am

Hi !
I'm testing the Free version, with all the third party free programs ;)

I already applied offline (NRGUI/Nebulaman) the "Color Tape" program only on all 23 tracks of a project.Sounds better now :mrgreen:

But i get a hard time finding on this forum or the internet any good example of programs chained offline on every track, like "PRE xxx"-"COM yyy"-"TAP zzz"..., especially for free version with additional free programs.

I seen a lot of use for "4K to heaven", mainly because it is only 1 kernel, not supposed to distort, as opposed to Analog Channel.But not chained.

What is your go-to offline chain ?
Can you give me some advice to create one with Nebula Free ?
Or just link me to another relevant thread ?

Thank you 8-)

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