Global clarification about nebula3 and n4 libraries

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Global clarification about nebula3 and n4 libraries

Post by giancarlo » Sun Aug 13, 2017 9:23 am

Since this is a very frequent question, there is a list of things to clarify about

-nebula3 libraries
-developments on nebula3
-n4 libraries
-3rd party libraries in both platforms
-3rd party developers and their affilitation with acustica audio.

All these points were already discussed
-in public forums
-via email (3rd party developers were contacted by enrique)

Facts are about what we told all developers on 12th october 2014 from our internal 3rd party developer forum, and later via email.

here basic rules

Nebula3 3rd party developers

- agreements with developers achieved before 12th october 2014 will NOT change
- all agreements are about nebula3 libraries, and in particular engine 1.3.609 or previous ones
- they could continue producing libraries for nebula3, following previous agreements
- all official nebula3 3rd party developers are obviously not affiliated with acustica audio. There are no written contracts, just written emails

- We stopped developments on nebula3 officially on 30 november 2015
- nebula3 has not been on sale any longer since 31th december 2016
- the engine is still supported, we are waiting for the nebula setups feature introduced in n4.
N4 (formerly, nebula4)

- server and setups feature is under development. After that period we'll stop supporting nebula3 engine, but a timeframe for it is not clear (we don't know how long we'll support the old platform, the deadline was not decided yet). So basically we'll introduce new features in n4 and after a while we'll drop support on older product
- Nebula3 authorization keys will be manual again on the new website, which will be released before the end of 2017
- N4 download installation and authorization will be supported in aquarius
- N4 libraries download installation and authorization will be supported in aquarius

-all new developments on the engine side are featured in n4 only.
-n4 is supporting the old nebula3 library format and the new n4 library format (formarly it is the acqua engine, but plugins need n4 for running).
- Formerly n4 is supporting Core5 engine or newer.
N4 3rd party developers

- new developers need to be approved
- old nebula3 3rd party developers could skin old nebula3 libraries, but it is different from using the new n4 features (Core5, Core6, and so on)
- old nebula3 3rd party developers could take advantage from the new engine if they decide to be N4 3rd party developers
Basic rules ALL 3rd party developers should follow for using the new engine features

- they should attend our 3rd party workshop. Normally the workshop is in june/july. Next time will be innsbruck june 2018. It is a 5 days session.
- the workshop was previously free (lodi 2014, lodi 2015, viareggio 2016, lecco 2017). We required only to sign a NDA agreement.
- They need to sign a contract with acustica (so yes they will be affiliated)
- previous agreements on 3rd party libraries will NOT change.
- Specifically speaking about n4 libraries, they need to release their products on Aquarius platform, which is very close to the Apple Store model. Basically they need to pay 30% royalties to acustica (there is a bit of work on our side, like crypting, support, accounting and so on). We take responsabilities on what they do on our store.